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get your say in now about bc liquor laws
its time to get what you want, and the best way to do that is to speak up about it
support your local brewers and breweries

jan zeschky's updated new bc breweries of 2013 piece
read up - there are so many new breweries opening up around the province!

whistler beer festival was a success!

8 simple steps not to be a beer snob douchebag

china joins in on the pandering to the idea that the way to woo women to beer is through low alcohol fruity beers with hello kitty beer.  yes, hello kitty beer
i would be outraged, but frankly its just par for the course and i have bigger things to get worked up about (like the article equating using hello kitty to woo drinkers with the timbers army having its own beer)

auto-brewery syndrome - making your own beer... in your gut
sure, i buy this
ever felt far too yeasty in your guts after a cask festival?  not a stretch from there!

lynne, aka bg canary's latest article for the bc craft beer news
bc beers are flying south

"TBG ensures that the beer lines and equipment in your favourite craft beer establishment The Beer Guy are clean. We service some of your favourite craft beer bars including Biercraft, and Alibi Room. That's why we have established the:
Restaurant (CLEAR) sticker program. This sticker gives you the peace of mind knowing that the craft draught that you are enjoying is served the way its intended - dispensed through a clean draught system. For more information check out our website."


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