link love

i have mentioned this a few times before
i would love to have the work ability to just drink beer for a whole month
in the meantime, here's a guy in france who is doing just that
replacing all water with brewdog's nanny state beer

joe wiebe (thirsty writer) on victoria's beer mile
how many of these stops have you made it to?
me, i've made it to all of them, but not on the same day

speaking of moon under water (which we were if you clicked the link above)
here's a review of their overhaul from the times colonist
their pots pils continues to make me very happy every time i quaff it!

fourteen best and worst gluten-free beers
greens comes out on top, new grist on the bottom

another view of gcbf
and it makes me feel better that other bloggers have trouble getting out their posts about beer festivals!


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