brew day

i finally brewed my own beer yesterday!

with my intrepid friends bridget and amanda (and coaching from the one and only matt anderson) we boiled water like champions!

we brewed a stout based on this recipe, called bitch's brew:

i got all the ingredients from dan's homebrew shop, bridget got all the equipment from broadway brewing, and away we went

we overlooked getting a grain bag, so i made one out of cheesecloth
handy, aren't i?

the grain bag held up to the job, the pennies saved us from a boil-over, and all went well on the inaugural brew!

steeping the grains in the grain bag
steeping the oats and 2-row malt
bridget adds the oat water to the grain water
malt extract is in, hops are in, on the boil!
now we just have to wait two weeks to see how we did on our first try...


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