cask night

the cask at the yaletown last night was a basil and lemongrass pale ale
i really liked it
the basil and lemongrass were not overwhelming
it would be a great patio beer if spring would bother to arrive in vancouver!

i'm not sure how many more of cory's innovative casks we'll get to sample
he is giving up beer to pursue his music career full-time
our beer loss is rock and roll's gain
break an amp cory!

we also got the opportunity to sample a sour beer that ryan brought back from france
vent d'ange, aged for 14 months
(does that translate to angel's fart??)

it had a great nose and initial flavour
unfortunately it turned a bit nail polish remover further through the swallow

there was quite a group of beer geeks there last night
i love it when that happens!


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