this week's yelp is all about beer in vancouver:

Beer-ly beloved, we are gathered here to honour the union of parched lips and everyone's favourite patio pleaser. Be it pilsner or stout, lager or ale, this Weekly vows to bond Vancouverites with ice-cold suds.

Offering 300 brews on rotation and a "dizzyingly diverse beer menu," Alibi Room holds Jordan Y's heart. "There's something for every taste; it's the place to bring that friend who professes to hate beer just so you can blow his/her mind." Meanwhile, Malloreigh M proclaims, "St Augustine's has a selection of microbrews on tap that's unrivaled." Their pint-priced, four-beer taster "allows customers to quell a bit of that overwhelmed feeling that comes from reading a double-sided, tightly-packed beer menu." We're foaming at the options! L James V prefers to tap into Six Acres for his fix: "The beer is vast, varied, unique, and sometimes very rare… they frequently feature beers that the CAMRA dorks pummel each other for." The bevy brewage battle is on!

Grubbin' while he guzzles, Peter S praises the "polenta fries and proper pints" offered at The Cascade Room. "Whether meeting up with a craft beer rep for some sampling or a good friend," the killer casks here have him frothing for more. Sarah D's pumped for The Charlatan: "There aren't many bars in Vancouver that serve a proper Black & Tan… once a week there's a burger and beer deal, so you can get your Guinness for a decent amount." Deal! According to Matthew C, if you want suds, "BierCraft Bistro is the place to go. Seriously, the menu is huge." Stay for the Battle of the Belgians: a three-course meal paired with a beer trio for only $60. We approve.

Summer pints aplenty can be sourced from Vancouver's fine liquor stores. Just ask Luisa D, who "finally made it to Firefly and promptly had a beer boner once inside." Just "load your meter 'cause it's going to take awhile to choose." We're still talking brews, right? "If you're on a beer hunt, you have to stop at Legacy," Emily-Anne P explains. "In addition to selection, they've great staff who are happy to chat about beer" at one of their weekly seminars. Sam L paddles up Brewery Creek for his liquor lesson: "I come back far too often for their fine selection, whether it's a rare Euro treasure or a guilty PBR pleasure." Play it again, Sam.   


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