racking the homebrew

bridget and i racked the bitch's brew on monday night
i was very apprehensive (okay, downright scared) about the siphoning process
what if air gets in?
what if we infect the beer?
what if our siphoning skills suck?
scary man!

i think all went well...
beer is out of the fermenting bucket and into a carbuoy

sanitize, sanitize, sanitize:
racking cane, siphone hose and bung sitting in a tub of sanitizer

siphon like you know what you're doing:

lots of sludge (or trub) at the bottom of the fermenting bucket:

i think our brew is a lovely colour:

carbuoy cover to keep out the indirect sunlight:

fingers crossed we did everything right and will have a drinkable beer in a couple of weeks!


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