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as mentioned by me, on cbc radio's on the coast...

from joe wiebe:

Celebrate with me at Yaletown Brewing (1111 Mainland, Vancouver) on Monday, June 3 at 7:00pm as I launch my new book, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider's Guide to B.C. Breweries. The book will be available for sale for $19.95 (includes one beer ticket) and I will be available to autograph/personalize copies (Father's Day is right around the corner-HINT). 

In addition to YBC's exceptional regular line-up of beers, there will also be 3 special “revolutionary” casks, prepared exclusively for this event by three Vancouver craft breweries. This event is part of Vancouver Craft Beer Week.

The event is open to anyone -- no reservations/tickets required.
Or if you're not on Facebook, please reply to let me know if you'll be attending.

Book Description

Canada’s microbrewing movement began in B.C. with the founding of Horseshoe Bay Brewing in 1982. Three decades later, the province is home to more than 50 breweries with new ones opening at an unprecedented rate. 

Craft Beer Revolution is a fascinating tour of British Columbia’s flourishing craft beer industry, written by one of Canada’s best-known beer writers, Joe Wiebe. It contains an entertaining history of the craft beer scene in the province and profiles of 50 breweries, along with maps, recommendations for tasting tours and interviews with key members of the industry. Special features such as a section on women in the craft beer scene, tasting notes on more than 100 beers, and key details about each brewery will make the beer geek salivate and lend insight into how craft brewers produce their exceptional beers.

Craft Beer Revolution is the perfect book for both the craft beer novice and the seasoned hophead; it initiates people who don’t know much about craft beer into a community of beer lovers and brewers, and it offers lots of new information for the well-versed beer geek too—little-known historical facts, personal anecdotes from brewers and new beers to try.

On sale: May 24.


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