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Vancouver’s craft beer revolution expands to the North Shore 

VANCOUVER, May 8, 2013 - From the wilderness of North Vancouver have emerged two young engineers who share a passion for fermented beverages and a dream to start up their own brewery and distillery. Former Steamworks Brewer Shae De Jaray and civil engineer Shawn Bethune are steps away from making that dream a reality with Deep Cove Distilling and Brewing set to open the doors of its North Shore location in early June. Deep Cove will feature an intimate 10-person tasting lounge in its brand new warehouse-style facility along with a 8,000 hectolitre brewery and distillery. 

Owners Shae and Shawn are joined by former Coal Harbour Brewmaster Kevin Emms who will bring his extensive brewing and distilling experience to this brand new operation. Kevin and Shae struck up a friendship while studying Brewing and Distilling at Herriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The passionate young Deep Cove team (they are all under 30) is completed with former Central City Brewing sales guru Trish Garratt, heading up their marketing and sales.

Shae and Shawn have been working round the clock to get Deep Cove ship shape for the summer, putting their engineering skills to use to install custom sloping floors and the new fermenters, and building a bottling line completely from scratch.

For Deep Cove, the emphasis is on the highest quality of tradition and craftsmanship - the beer speaks for itself - but the passion behind it is clear: Celebrate. Everyday. 
Imbued with the hard-working and fun-loving spirit of its owners, the brewery’s three main beers each will have their own unique personality - like your closest friends they can always be relied on for good times, sharing stories and laughter. Meet the Loud Mouth Pale Ale, Wise Crack West Coast Lager and the Quick Wit Belgian-style Wheat Ale.

This newest addition to Vancouver’s craft beer awakening will not only be crafting its own micro brews, but also distilling small batches of its own artisan spirits, including brandy, vodka and gin with a twist. Distilling was always part of the plan for Deep Cove, but recent changes to BC liquor legislation have made it easier for distilleries sourcing local ingredients to sell spirits in their tasting room sans prohibitive mark-ups. 

Deep Cove is among the first of a raft of distilling and brewing operations opening up in Vancouver this year - Central City Brewing, Coal Harbour Brewing and Yaletown Brewing will all be adding distilling to their setup.

You’ll be able to sample Deep Cove’s new beers during Vancouver Craft Beer Week and from June at their tasting room (date TBC).  |   Facebook/Deepcove  | @DeepCoveCraft

Look for Deep Cove at the following events this summer:

-VCBW Opening Night Gala, May 31st
-VCBW Hoppapolozza IV, June 2nd 
-VCBW Portside Pub Riverboat Throwdown “Cask-Off” on June 6th 
-VCBW Beer Festival River Rock Casino, June 7th and 8th
-SURREY Central City Cask Festival, June 29th 
-LANGLEY Tip and Taste, July 5th 
-VICTORIA - HOPoxia at Phillips Brewing, July 6th


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