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canadian brewing awards run down by jan zeschky

and the whole list of winners is up on the canadian brewing awards website, but i can't seem to get on there today - maybe too many visitors crashed their site - hopefully the link works soon

congratulations to powell street brewing for winning best in show!

speaking of winners...
saturday marked the inaugural north shore growler 10k hosted by bridge brewing
50 people ran 10k from the brewery, up up up and around and back to the brewery
i was one of them
(so were the lovely monica and jill)

i was rewarded with a beer and a glass
the harvest project was rewarded with all of our entry fees as donations

25 people ran with growlers
yes, that's correct, with growlers
2 each... full ones...
24 of them finished with them
and for their efforts they were rewarded with 2 free growler fills a week for a month
not incentive enough for me to carry an extra, awkward 10 lbs
but i sure do have a whole lot of respect for those who did!

check out beer me bc for a write up of the event, and photos
and the bridge brewing facebook page for photos (like this lovely one of me)


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