dieu du ciel

i love montreal!
not just because it has awesome old brick walls like this:

but also because of the beer
no really, i love beer!
and they have some really good beer in montreal
especially at dieu du ciel on rue laurier (at st laurent)
physically it may be small, but the beer choices are not
when i was there on april 28th this was the beer list;

about 80% of the 130 recipe rotation offered at this location are brewed on premises
(the other 20% come from the big production brewery that also bottles the beers that you can drink across canada)
the list changes by approximately 2 beers per day

what did i drink while i was there?
i had the mosaika and the etc
the mosaika was a mosaic hopped pale ale that really showcased the mosaic hop
beautiful beer!
the etc had 13 malts and 14 hops
the malts outweighed the hops, but still a very nice beer

the mosaika


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