deep cove (2)

i had the pleasure of visiting the deep cove brewers and distillers' in-progress site on thursday
they held a bit of an open house for media folks

its not the easiest place to get to via transit, but i persevered
and, once you get out there, you can visit bridge brewing as well, pretty much across the street
(in this case the streets are dollarton highway and forester in north vancouver)
beer is always worth the effort of travel!

she's in a rough state right now, but the brewery has got good bones!
the brewery section is coming along well, with most of the equipment in place
and they should be able to begin brewing in the next week or so
but the boiler room is empty, there are barrels stacked around equipment
and the custom bar (which is gorgeous) is on a pallet
that's today though
the owners expect to be serving you in their tasting room and on the patio by the end of june
the tasting room and patio will not be large, but that's okay, there are plenty of other beer venues to visit if you're looking for large
deep cove will be local
and if parallel 49 is anything to judge by, people love a tasting room in their neighbourhood

i'm looking forward to the official launch
when i can go back to see the effect of black ceiling and tiled floors
brightened up by the shining copper and chrome of the stills and bar
(and drink beer on tap!)

there will be a barrel room too, for aging spirits and beers
they have sourced some used barrels from various wineries
and also picked up some new ones to experiment with
the deep cove crew are young, they're creative, and they want to make original products
like maybe a canadian bourbon

you can expect to be drinking deep cove vodka and gin by the summer
and if you missed trying their scotch ale at camra's spring sessional, you'll have another chance at several vcbw events including the opener, hoppapalooza and the closing

i didn't take any photos at the brewery
but beer me bc did!  check out their post
and while you're at it, why not the north shore outlook article too?


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