dead frog

dead frog brewery does a major overhaul of its beers
jan zeschky calls it dead frog's second coming
i think its more like the third or fourth, but who's counting?

"Dead Frog is dead. Long live Dead Frog!"

i think we all knew it was just a matter of time before brewmaster tony dewald turned that place around
er, well, we hoped anyway!
and it sure looks like tony has succeeded where several other brewers before him did not
no more pepper lime, no more mandarin
no more anything except for the nut brown
(which i have a very soft spot for - it was the first bc craft beer i had that resonated with me enough to make me search out more local brews and end up here, your humble blogger and beer blatherer - and i may or may not have a dead frog inspired beer tattoo commemorating that life-changing a-ha moment)
no more clear glass sleemanesque bottles
its a whole new world!

i can't help rooting for dead frog
even when they went down so many misguided paths
there's just something so loveable about that darned dead frog logo
and so many fun puns
its a marketing dream
and now they'll have the brews to back it all up
this pleases me
(and helps me feel better about that tattoo i may or may not have)


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