new belgium

just a couple of pics from last night's launch of new belgium in vancouver:


besides the fact that they tried to poison me by feeding me "vegetarian" pizza that in fact contained a whole lotta meat sausage under the cheese, it was good times

beerthirst brought in plenty of new belgium beers for us to quaff - i made it through three of the four flavours, but was too tipsy to have a fourth

the pluot was a fruity little beer - very refreshing for summer (and paired nicely with the sausage pizza, lord help me)
the heavenly feijoa was unpronounceable but a very nice belgian that paired well with the deep-fried spring rolls and prawns i was shovelling in my gob
the ranger ipa is one of my faves and did not disappoint as my final beer of the night

thanks beerthirst!

and totally unrelatedly, 21 reasons you should drink more beer


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