link love

powell street brewing to expand beyond its nano size
which would have been necessary even before they won beer of the year

camra craft beer calendar

review of dead frog's new seasonal
antidisestablishmentarianism amber ale
a beer to memorialize colin jack

want some help faking being a beer geek?
the la times provides four words that will make you sound knowledgeable about craft beer
dry-hopped, cask, mosaic and gueuze

public invited to help bc liquor laws get with the 20th century
(expecting the 21st may be a little too much)

and the province weighs in on the possible new liquor laws
"Buying locally brewed beer at a farmers' market? Sipping a glass of wine at the spa? Or enjoying lunch at your favourite pub with your teens?"
those all sound like reasonable changes to me

listen to paddy treavor on bc almanac oncbc radio last week

bacon and beer in sf on august 25th
enjoy them both along with the beer wench and a who's who of san francisco brewers and chefs


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