i'm ba-ack!

i'm back from my amazing week in tofino

i spent an awful lot of time at tofino brewing filling my growlers with hoppin' cretin ipa and reign in blonde and tuff session
(and then drinking them)
on the way home we stopped overnight in victoria
we stayed at swans, drank at garrick's head pub (10 new taps!!)
where i had lighthouse 15th anniversary amber ale, elysian men's room red and driftwood fat tug

next morning we got growler fills at lighthouse (switchback) and driftwood (fat tug)
(such incredibly friendly staff at both places),
stopped in at spinnakers for a pint,
and came home in time for me to not be on cbc radio on tuesday
due to a mix-up it just didn't happen
i apologize if you tuned in and were disappointed
i was most disappointed not to talk extreme beers
silver-lining, i have my topic all ready for september 3rd

tuesday evening i attended camra vancouver's hops 101 class at steamworks
and got to try the brand spanking new parallel 49 crane kick pilsner (a refreshingly hoppy pilsner) and snap, crackle, hop imperial ipa (those new zealand hops sure pack a fruity punch) and loved them both
(note to self:  buy several bottles of each asap)
after which i went to the alibi room
where i was too late for the driftwood bird of prey
and did not get my name picked for one of the 40 zwanze day tickets

last night i finally made it over to 33 acres to check out their tasting room
its a really beautiful space
and the beers are great too!
33 acres of ocean - hoppy pale ale
33 acres of life - california common
33 acres of sunshine - a french saison - this seasonal won't last much longer, so if you haven't had it yet, you'd better get on it
then to the cascade room for some gigantic high fidelity, a hoppy golden ale that packs quite a whallop of abv
i'm actually looking forward to a night off from beer tonight
my poor body needs a little rest and regeneration


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