hopscotch #2

i won't list all the beers that were on hand at hopscotch
for that you can visit the website!
but i will say that i skipped most of the local breweries in favour of the imports that aren't readily available here
and of course i skipped all the belgians because i am bigoted against them!!

so what did i have?
eel river acai berry wheat
alaskan smoked porter
ballast point calico amber ale
caldera ipa
moylans double ipa
odell brewing ipa
deschutes jubelale
jolly pumpkin la parcela
lagunitas brown shugga'
fx matt brewing's saranac ipa
shipyard fuggles ipa
shipyard xxxx ipa
smuttynose big a ipa
smuttynose ipa
stone ruination ipa
stone sublimely self-righteous ale
rogue yellow snow ipa
red truck limited steam
kronenbourg blanc
red racer winter ale
efes dark
efes pilsner
mill street tankhouse ale
tree raspberry porter
victory prima pilsner
yukon ice fog ipa
r&b spirit chaser coffee porter

good lord that's a mighty long list!
good thing i took some notes...

of them all, the only miss in the bunch was the r&b spirit chaser coffee porter
where was the coffee?
it was bland and insipid
hopefully my palate was just fried from all the ipas i'd already had and its not as bad as it seemed to me at the time
perhaps i should give it another chance sometime

the big winners for me were the odell ipa and the ballast calico
central city's winter ale is mighty fine too, for a winter ale!

tasting notes to follow...


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