st a's cask

i finally made it to a cask night at st. augustines's
normally i'm a norwegian poseur and curl on monday nights
but i took a pass this week and instead let my personal viking drag me out for beer
and you all know how much arm-twisting is involved in making me drink beer...

this week it was crannog's gael's blood potato ale conditioned with root vegetables and carrot seed
sounded like a meal in a glass, but i was game to try it anyway!

very hazy and full of particles
i figured that must be the stewed veggies that they were boiling down to make into beer....
definitely drinkable on a very cold night
not a beer i'd want to session, but it was damned interesting
seemed a bit like a science experiment turned tasty...
as i got further down my glass it became sweeter... the sugar in the carbs maybe?
and oh, the sediment in the bottom of the glass
forget guinness, if you're feeling down, have a glass of this!
forget v8, if you need your veggies, have a glass of this!

anyway, i only wanted one, so i moved on to howe sound's total eclipse of the hops which has happily made it back into the keg rotation!
yay for the total eclipse of the hops!
i'm not gonna lie to you, i totally went home and put bonnie tyler's greatest hits on
and i'm really not gonna lie to you and admit that i remember when total eclipse of the heart came out
oh the memories
oh the hoppy goodness
le sigh...


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