hopscotch #4

that's right, i'm not done talking about hopscotch yet!

how about we talk about whiskey and food today?  and then throw in a little beer chat at the end, because this is afterall a beer blog!

hopscotch is known for being a great festival to try new brands of scotch, whiskey and other spirits
especially the expensive ones that perhaps you can't afford to try other places
i stayed away from most of the hard liquors because i'd been pounding back the beer and just didn't want to prove once again that the old adage "beer before liquor, never siquor" is totally true
these guys we met and beer geeked out with totally insisted that we try an ontario whiskey
moderately priced and soooo smooth
so like the good little sheep that we are, we hustled right on over to the forty creek stall and tried us a couple of their copper pot distilled double barrel aged whiskey
the double barrel reserve with deep vanilla notes, toasted aromas of pecan and walnut was the winner for me
very moderately priced at $59 a bottle, it's one sipping whiskey i'll happily stock in my liquor cabinet!

now onto the food!
and yes, there was some!
what's a booze fest without some food?
plates of cheese and crackers, mini burgers, chocolate - there was something for everyone!

chocolate shoes!
cheese and crackers
mini burger!
the chocolates were from xoxolat, and come in many beautiful designs, including shoes, and some of them have booze in them!  visit their shop at 2391 burrard street if you need a holiday gift to impress!

we also snagged several fabulous coupons in the food tent:
a free sleeve of whistler lager or pale ale at the charles
buy one scotch, get one at the blarney stone
2 for 1 sandwich at the charles
2 for 1 sandwich at pivo

and last, but certainly not least, i got several business cards while i was beer geeking out
carlsberg canada
deschutes brewery
afic exim (canada) corp


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