ode to the ipa

at this past week's beernesday i had an ode to the ipa sort of evening
it seemed like it hurt my head too much to come up with beers for a sampler
and i knew they had some great ipas on tap...
so i just went with four pints of four different ipas
(and didn't love myself as much as usual on thursday morning when i woke up...)

howe sound's total eclipse of the hops:  8%  a supremely well balanced and drinkable imperial ipa weighing in at 90 ibus and 8% alcohol.
you know i love this one!
so happy to see it back in the rotation at st. augustine's
its a damned fine day when a seasonal that you thought was all sold out comes back to let you savour it again!

driftwood's fat tug ipa:  7%  a northwest style india pale ale that is characterized by an intense hop aroma
i do love this brew
very aromatic hop nose
not quite as balanced as the howe sound
but oh, so delightful to drink!

hopworks ipa:  6.6%  rich and resinous flavours of citrus fruit and pine.  the finest organic pilsner malts and then bring balance to your new fave beer.
anna, who is not a big ipa fan, loves this beer so much she gestured too vehemently with her arms and spilled beer all over me
fortunately it wasn't the hopworks she spilled, and also fortunately they gave her another pint of her pilsner
(and yay for me, i dried before i had to make the long trek home in the snow!)
delicious and delightful
such a great ipa

elysian's the immortal ipa:  6.3%  golden copper in color and loaded with new world hop flavor and aroma.  lively aromas of citrus and pine greet the nose while tastes of bready and sweet caramel malts beautifully balance the hop bitterness
i don't taste breadiness, which is a good thing as its not my favourite hop balancer
what a great fourth ipa to round out my crazy ipa-fest

anna let me try her salt spring ales fireside ale:  7%  with a rich ruby colour, and a complex fruity nose.  low hop bitterness allows notes of fresh fruit to come through backed by flavourful malt
which neither one of us particularly liked
for me, it was too fruity and malty

so she switched to the paddock wood czech mate pilsner:  5.4%  made with european pilsner malt, czech hops, and water as soft as that of pilsen itself
much better choice
this is a mighty tasty pilsner

i do have one question for st. augustine's though, and that is:  how long does it take to reno a bathroom?  seems like the bathroom destruction has been taking forever to move into any sort of renovation...


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