got cancelled on last night
so rather than go home and do all the stuff i should have done with a free night
i went out drinking with bridget!

we started at bitter
where she had the flight of from left to right: lighthouse switchback, driftwood fat tug and alameda yellow wolf ipas
isn't it pretty?

there was another, boozey flight on offer as well

but i went for a glass of the elysian prometheus ipa
(still felt like i was in seattle, you know?)
it was a good decision
i like the prometheus!

from there we went to st. augustine's for the cask of storm's masala ipa
a lot like james' basil ipa, it was a pleaser!
not very carbonated, not overly spiced, it was just right

all in all a successful night of drinking
and i made it home in time to do a load of laundry!


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