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stone's ruination ipa 10th anniversary

parallel 49 - vancouver's newest brewery

and this interesting news from beerthirst:

For years we've been saying that it's an acquired taste. That the floral, piney, bitter, fruity goodness of an IPA is an acquired taste, and that most people probably won't enjoy it. Well, perhaps we were wrong all along. People everywhere are falling in love with this exotic style of beer, and more and more establishments are beginning to serve IPAs. And as of May 27th, so did the Cactus Club Cafe.
Yes! The Immortal IPA by Elysian Brewing is now available at 6 different locations! Cactus Club on English Bay, Burrard, Yaletown, Broadway and Ash, Granville and Broadway, and South Point in White Rock, all serve the Immortal IPA on draft.
We are very thrilled for obvious reasons, but we're also excited because an establishment like Cactus Club to be on board to serve a Pacific Northwest-style IPA shows how far the craft beer industry has come. It's come a long way, and this goes to show that it's going to keep growing, and people are beginning to take craft beer as serious as wine.
We hope all you craft beer aficionados will help us spread the word, and recommend to your friends and family to try this great beer. Because the more locations begin to carry the IPA on draft, the more it'll help the Vancouver craft beer scene grow.


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