rain out - part 2

the finger crossing worked
my softball game got rained out last thursday
however... i wasn't specific enough with the universe in my wishing
i ended up having to work some overtime
which meant i missed out on the basil esb cask at the yaletown afterall

i rescued my lousy evening by heading off to the alibi room for some tofino brewing spruce tip ipa cask and dave varga's taylor's crossing is dead ipa, and quality time with my personal viking
i tell ya, everyone needs to get themselves a personal viking - they rock!!

i found the spruce tip ipa cask a bit thin
maybe it aged a little too long?  or too little?
i dunno, i just recall the one at hoppapalooza being the nectar of the gods and this one wasn't quite there

tofino brewing spruce tip ipa cask
dave varga's taylor's crossing is dead, long live taylor's crossing ipa was delightful
too bad taylor's crossing is dead and this brew isn't going to be a regular one

taylor's crossing is dead ipa
i rounded out my evening with gary's imperial ipa and vern's imperial ipa
i mean, why not?
strong beers that evoke my strong approval!


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