damn busy days at work getting in the way of my blogging!
here's the rest of my seattle post (finally)

elysian capitol hill:

i was a little hungover from an accidental whisky episode on saturday night
(the accident was forgetting i was in america and a simple shot of whisky is never just a little shot of whisky - this one had to be six ounces at least...)
and just couldn't get my shit together to enjoy the pride parade and ensuing street party
so we got away from it all at elysian

its a great big room with high ceilings with open duct work and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the street
it was just what the doctor ordered
a pint of the space dust ipa
and some fish tacos fixed everything that ailed me!

the specialty beer menu:

and the regular menu:

and while in rome...
i brought home a few bottles too:


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