yard work

the poor beleagured hops we're growing in bridget's back yard got moved again!
these poor little troopers have been moved three times now
(rhizomes culled from an east van garden, planted at bridget's by the fence a week before the neighbours tell her they're going to put in a new fence, moved to the garden patch where they spent a year before being moved to their current home in the new raised bed)

the hops had a hard time growing last year - crappy soil, not enough sun
so a major work party happened this weekend to fix that situation!

woo hoo, i got to drill!
we built a raised garden bed and filled it with 2 yards of stinky soil
(i used power tools!! bridget and the viking did the heavy work)

the garden frame
filled to the brim with stinky soil
the hops in their new home
and what did we drink while doing all this yard work?
central city ipa and pale ale
it does a body good!

what did we drink after doing all the yard work and resting on our laurels?

brooklyn's local 1
smoky beer ryan brought back from paris
third beer of the apocalypse that i brought
back from portland


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