all beer all the time

so much beer
so little time to devote to blogging about it
woe is me!

alibi room - wednesday:

- wrath of khan cask - as usual, tariq's brew is ambrosia!  this one is being touted as his "swan song" because it was the last cask he made at big ridge.  but fear not, its not really the end of an era - tariq is still with the mark james group, he's just at yaletown now instead of big ridge
- deschutes fresh squeezed ipa - mosaic and citra?  together?  you know this beer is a good one
i need to get some bottles of it!  badly!
- gigantic ipa - i love ben love!
- four winds ipa - i love it when a new brewery makes such great beer right off the gun

yaletown - thursday:

- espresso stout cask - i wasn't feeling stouty, so i just had a sample - damned fine cask
- raspberry wheat ale - summer in a glass! those black raspberries impart a tonne of flavour without too much sweetness.  i'm not a fruity wheaty beer kind of person, but this one i simply adore!
- ipa - this is what i wanted, exactly what i wanted.  ipa just makes everything better in my world, thank hops!

red card - thursday:

my first time at red card
i went to watch the football game,
i drank beer and a martini too
lots of big screens, the volume on, decent food, decent beer selection (but tiny pours), big windows, bright interior
i'm surprised there were not more people in the place
thursday features $5 martinis, $6 stanley park sleeves and cheap hi-balls
their wifi isn't very good, but that's my only complaint

coming up:

hopoxia in victoria on saturday
(and we're gonna have ferry buffet breakfast on the way - such a perfect sounding day!)


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