link love

this one should actually be on link hate instead of link love
yet another pandering to the concept that women don't love beer
i guess what can you expect from a women's magazine... but still
its articles like this that keep the stupid stereotype alive
womens health magazine on the best beers for women

here's a much better link - to a helpful how-to introduce beer to the not-yet-converted
for all humans with tastebuds!

and a half decent post about orval's new female head brewer

do it yourself - make a bottle cap table top

looking for cheap beer?
one man's list of the worst to the least worst
pbr ranks at number 5 (that's the fifth least worst)

beercation destinations across the u s of a
but these aren't beer towns you should visit
these are beer inns you can stay, golf, spa and drink at

the donnelly group's 30 days of ipa in vancouver

what's in a beer name
or, when is it okay to send a cease and desist letter to another brewer





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