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new and exciting beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver

(i will be tasting the gluten-free harvester pale ale (compliments of beerthirst) with stephen quinn on cbc radio's on the coast on august 6th.  buy a bottle and taste along with us!)

Longwood Brewery - Berried Alive - $4.15

A tasty craft beer from Vancouver Island but with a twist, coming to us from Nanaimo as opposed to the craft beer kingdom that is Victoria, our province’s great capital. Dark red in colour, this beer boasts a nose of tart raspberry and mild malts, while on the palate that tart raspberry is backed up by more malt to create a refreshing fruit brew.

Chris Bonnallie | Beer Supervisor | Legacy Liquor Store

Lighthouse Brewing - Numbskull Imperial IPA - $7.55

Gems from Vancouver Island just keep on coming! Fresh from the tanks of Lighthouse Brewing comes Numbskull, an Imperial IPA that pours a beautiful amber with a small white head. Tons of pine, citrus and grapefruit are found on the nose, while on the palate more of the above come through in a smooth, big bodied way leading to a bitter west coast finish. Bravo, sirs.

Mike Dolan | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store

Harvester Brewing - Pale Ale - $8.75

A gluten free beer that tastes like real beer, brewed in the fabulously green state of Oregon with chestnuts and sorghum and generously hopped to create a delicious pale ale. Golden yellow in colour, with a citrusy nose attributed to its cascade hopping and a warming nuttiness from the chestnuts followed by a palate of citrus and nut, this is a gluten free beer that anyone can look forward to.

Conor Marshall | Beer Team | Legacy Liquor Store


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