legacy liquor store

new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Russell Brewing - Summer Daze Saison - $6.95

Russell Brewing constantly churns out unique and delicious beers and their Summer Daze keeps the trend alive. A traditional Belgian Farmhouse Saison, right down to the Belgian candy syrup found within, this brew pours a hazy gold in colour with notes of spice in its bouquet. More peppery spice is found on the palate with a dry crisp finish. Perfection!

Driftwood Brewery - Naughty Hildegard - $7.45

Here’s to Hildy! In honour of the supposed Benedictine Nun, Driftwood has put together a little ESB for us to enjoy. Copper in colour with bread, English hop and caramel aromatics, on the palate more caramel and toffee can be found accompanied by earth and citrus hop. A flavourable ESB by all accounts.

Phillips Brewing - Kaleidoscope - $6.95

A brand new beer from the folks at Phillips, in a brand new bottle to boot. Straw yellow in colour and hopped with Mosaic, this IPA boasts intense notes of tropical fruit from guava to citrus. More citrus and tropical fruit are found on the palate in addition to subtle bitterness. Perfectly balanced, this IPA delivers on all fronts with perfect balance.


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