cheap craft beer in vancouver

vancity buzz offers this list of cheap craft beer in vancouver

it is a pretty good list,
but it does not correctly identify that a pint is 20oz
and doesn't list serving sizes of a lot of the sleeves
however, i figure if you're looking for a beer bargain, its a great list of places to try and you can figure out for yourself where the best deal is
(and when you do, tell me please!)

on a related note
i handed out my first camra fuss card last night
what's a fuss card you ask?
well, its a card that camra vancouver members can use to inform beer sellers that they are not living up to their provincially mandated duty to properly list serving sizes for their beers
last night's card giving was at windjammer on commercial drive
who advertise on their sandwich board and their menu that they serve 20 oz pints
when the beer arrived, it was in a branded sleeve, not a pint glass
this is not the first time i have been served less than 20oz there
the beer is cheap at $5
and the fish & chip special is cheap at $6
so i will probably go there again
i do think they need to either get 20oz pint glasses or change their advertising though
and will continue to inform them that short pours / false advertising is not okay with me

you can print your own fuss cards
or pick some up at the next camra beer event you attend


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