new beers at legacy liquor store in vancouver:

Deschutes Brewery - Class of ’88 Barley Wine - $12.55

25 years ago a beer renaissance occurred across the country and a passion for craft beer ignited. In honour of those 25 years of delicious beer, Deschutes, in collaboration with North Coast and Rogue, have opened a door to the past. Deep orange in colour with notes of caramel, pine and citrus on the nose, this brew offers more caramel, pine and citrus on the palate. A tasty treat from ’88.

Conor Marshall | Beer Department | Legacy Liquor Store

Old Yale Brewing - D. O. Ale - $7.55

In tribute to the Vancouver punk band D.O.A., this collaboration with CBC music and Old Yale Brewing Co. hits all the right notes (insert rimshot here). Pouring a deep brown in colour with sweet caramel, molasses and toasted malts on the nose, it follows up with honey, brown sugar and nut on the palate, with a little bit of smoke playing backup. Enjoy with your favourite D.O.A album.

Jordan Cran | Floor Supervisor | Legacy Liquor Store

Phillips Brewing - Monkey Drummer & the Incomplete Octave (12th Anniversary Ale) - $7.65

Happy anniversary, Phillips! Twelve years of great beers right from our own backyard. Celebrate with a delectable IPA that delivers a hop bomb you’ll never forget. Full-bodied and a golden straw yellow, this beer offers massive notes of pine and citrus that repeat on the palate, in addition to a faint earthy presence, leaving you wanting more. Get your fill, because 12th anniversaries only happen once.

Evan Doan | Beer Department | Legacy Liquor Store


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