beernesday II

i have been remiss
i just found my tasting notes from beernesday back on september 29th
bad, bad beer blogger!

i had two samplers
1. brooklyn brewery post road pumpkin ale:  5%  subtly spied, orange-amber color, warm pumpkin aroma, biscuity malt center, and a crisp finish
1. hopworks uban brewery ipa: 6.6%  100% organic. rich and resinous flavours of citrus fruit and pine.  the finest organic canadian pilsner malt and organic munich and caramel malts then bring balance to your new favorite beer
1. old yale brewing sergreant's ipa: 5.5%  uses special pale and crystal malts and loads of golding hops
1. storm brewing 12 year black current lambic: 7%  not for the timid! this beer is INTENSELY sour, dry and complex

2. red truck limited steam beer: 5%  a hybrid beer style brewing using ale yeast fermented at lager temperatures. the result is a full flavoured, yet surprisingly crisp beer
2. mt. begbie nasty habit ipa: 6%  a perfect balance between the subdued english-style ipas and west coast hop monsters
2. crannog anniversary ale (wasn't on the menu yet, so i don't have st. auggies' tasting notes on this one)
2. tinwhistle black widow (wasn't on the menu yet, so i don't have st. auggies' tasting notes on this one)

beers i had tried before and loved, so needed to include in the samplers, were the storm lambic, red truck steam and mt. begbie nasty habit - big fan of all three of them, and not disappointed to have them again.  nope, not one iota sad!  (and who doesn't love a nasty habit (or three!))

in the first round i found the pumpkin not at all to my liking.  it smells great and spicy, but the biscuity malt is not at all to my taste.  gwen thought it was okay, and christal thought it was great.  they finished my glass between them!
i love the hopworks ipa - citrusy perfection and organic to boot!  it really could well be my new favourite beer!  please sir, can i have some more?  oh portland, how i love your beers!
i found the sergeant's ipa to be a much maltier creature, still nicely hoppy, but not as much to my liking as the hopworks.  probably due to my preference for the more citrusy hops...

from the second round, i quite enjoyed the anniversary ale - its a delicious little ale!  the black widow was very much like a black ale as opposed to a stout, not thick and creamy.  it was quite complex and delicious and i would happily have it again should it appear on the menu.
i appreciated that my server suggested these last two to me, as they were not on the menu and therefore were not on my radar at all.  great suggestions and i was a very happy camper!

on her search to figure out which stouts it is that she enjoys, lara tried the st. augustine's stout.  she says "i like this very much.  i would order it again absolutely!"  aha!  she does not like the coffee and chocolate notes, she prefers her stouts to be old school.  good to know!


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