tasting notes

my tasting notes, such as they are, from october 27ths beernesday:

in my sampler i had:
longwood brewpub copperbock:  7.2%  in keeping with german tradition, this fest beer is a smooth, creamy seasonal lager well balanced with little hop aroma.
red truck limited steam beer:  5%  a hybrid beer style brewing using lager yeast fermented at ale temperatures.  the result is a full flavoured, yet surprisingly crisp beer.
craig street brewpub arbutus pale ale:  5%  a british style ale with a craft west coast attitude, light in body with a subtle lingering hop character.
storm brewing 12 year black current lambic:  7%  not for the timid!  this beer is INTENSELY sour, dry and complex.

i found the copperbock to be very clear and coppery in my glass, not too carbonated, smooth and malty, nice, but nothing to write home about
i love the steam.  it just keeps surprising me with how much i am in love with it - which is why i keep putting it in my samplers...
the arbutus pale ale was malty, but kinda insipid - where, oh were was that west coast attitude i was promised?  tasha found that it "falls a little flat".  not a keeper for me.
the black current lambic was on the vinegary side this time.  usually i absolutely adore it, but wednesday it seemed more like a fermented marinade than a lambic...

bottles-wise i imbibed in:
phillips grow-hop:  5%  newly plucked chinook hops are added rather than dry hops, resulting not only in hoppy bitterness, but also strong melon flavours.
phillips hammer imperial stout:  8.3%  imperial stout was originally brewed to satisfy the czarist courts.  because it was transported across the freezing baltic, russian imperial stout was brewed with a high level of alcohol.  rich, flavourful, deep chocolate colour, with a roasted barley nose.
i also sampled the swans buckerfield's fantastico double shot porter:  6%  swans' porter laced with 1200 pulls of caffe fantastico espresso.

the grow-hop i'd had before, and it was every bit as delightful this time.  hoppy goodness that just called for more!

the hammer imperial stout was very coffee roasty, with no alcohol taste.  tasha thought it was like a "big bowl of chocolate mousse".  all i had to say was "quite.  rather.  indeed."

the fantastico porter was coffee, not beer.  or as tasha dubbed it, the "perfect breakfast beer".

and one last quote, this time bridget about her all-time favourite, crannog's backhand of god "i'll have another one, why not?"


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