howe sound best bitter

howe sound's bailout bitter is a favourite of mine
so i thought i'd try the baldwin & cooper best bitter and see how that fared in my opinion

incredible head on the vigourous pour
lovely dark colour
hoppy malty nose
great balance between the hops and the malts
downright delicious!
52 ibus
13.5 degrees plato

from the bottle:  "a smooth, malty, well-hopped ale, with a full aromatic nose.  made with 100% barley, hops, water & yeast. the 'best bitter' description refers to this beer's higher alcohol content and its depth of hop bitterness.  named for jim baldwin & ed cooper - the first to climb the grand wall of the stawamus chief [702m] in july, 1961."

the website suggests food pairings of steaks, casseroles and meat pies, also spicy shellfish and mexican cuisine, and cheddar cheese

i had it with a tuna steak and pizza
and it went just fine with both of those!
then again, anything hoppy and bitter goes with anything i eat i find
i just loves me the hops!

i love all the north west beers that adore the hops as much as i do...


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