cannery six pack

i have found my new favourite six pack of cans to travel with!
its the cannery brewing six pack featuring the anarchist amber, the ipa and the naramata nut brown
2 cans of each, 6 cans of amazing beer!
and without breaking the bank, or the back

At our microbrewery, the only way that we want to grow is better!!  Therefore, we are constantly striving to increase the quality of our beers and the level of our service.  We pay unrelenting attention to every detail of the brewing process…..and it shows. 
We are indeed the Small Brewery with Big Flavour.

Talk about a six pack with flavour!  With 2 of each beer, the Cannery Collection offers up a great diversity of flavours.  Start with the full bodied harmony of our Anarchist Amber Ale then move to the smooth velvety taste of Naramata Nut Brown Ale and finish with the intense malt and hop character of the India Pale Ale.  This box has it all in one convenient package!

i gotta say though, that it kinda weirds me out that the ipa is in an orange can - most everyone else uses green for india pale ales (my guess is because they're hoppy and hops are green...) so orange just seems wrong to reach for in my beer fridge!!


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