elysian brewery

my latest brewery discovery is elysian in seattle
tried the immortal ipa at timbre the other night
while its not my favourite ipa (gawd there are so many great north west ipas out there!) it was darned delicious!

and speaking of timbre, along with a great menu and cool vibe, they've added a whole bunch of great beers to their offerings.
upcoming (as soon as the gib in the kegs is done) are central city esb and ipa - yay!  also driftwood's farmhand ale
and the bottles list is quite impressive
go there, its worth the trip to commercial drive!
(the website hasn't yet been updated to reflect the new offerings...)


At Elysian we pride ourselves on our versatility and the variety of beers we produce. Whether classic ale and lager styles or their Northwest-themed interpretations, idiosyncratic treatments with unusual ingredients, or altogether new beers never brewed anywhere else, ever, we tend to have an astonishing array of offerings on tap.
Because we have three active breweries, it is possible for us not just to offer seasonal specialties but to have them in profusion. The Bifrost, of course, is our headlining Winter Ale. In past years it has been joined for the holiday season by several other full-flavored offerings such as Valhalla, Bete Noel, Arboreal Chestnut Brown Ale and Bye-Bye Frost, Bifrost’s bigger brother. Loser is king in the summer, but joined by an array of Hefeweizens and other lighter summer brews like Helios Lager and the Golden Boot, an English hop-finished ale for the soccer season. And then there’s the fall, with Nightowl Pumpkin Ale leading the way, followed generally by no fewer than several other pumpkin beers, such as Dark o’ the Moon Pumpkin Stout, Jack o’ Bite Scottish Pumpkin Ale and Hansel and Gretel Ginger Pumpkin Pilsner. Over the past fourteen years we have brewed well over a hundred recipes. Some adhere to classic style; some, like the Avatar Jasmine IPA and the Saison Poivre Peppercorn Saison, take a precept and propel it into an unexpected realm.


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