lagunitas maximus

lagunitas maximus
i'm working my way through all the lagunitas ipas they stock at firefly!
the maximus is 7.5% with 72 ibus
that sounds like my kind of beer!

pours up a lovely shade of dark caramel
cat pee sort of nose
good head on the vigourous pour
very hoppy first taste
followed by some malts and layers of hops

is official - i'm a lagunitas ipa fan!
this is a delicious little beer
(little in bottle size, not in taste)
and will happily keep my beer fridge stocked with it

little beer stein for a little bottle of beer
on the bottle:  "if some is good; more is better. instant gratification is not fast enough.  42 ibu?  why not 72!  the end is near, don't sip.  a trillion what$? imelda's shoes.  dow @ 7392?  just buy a senate seat?! tats, nipple piercing, cutters, burners, hummers.  a cold maximus just makes perfect sense!  cheers!"

from the website:  Unlimited Release 

"At the height of the heat in the heart of the summer, we felt the only cure was a raging mouthful of fresh Hops and Malt. Caution: May remove enamel from teeth."

Leaning back on the restored Scrollarian vendta tera, she looked pale and gave her guest the prevarian eye. She spoke now only in pernicious circularity. Roundly he gave her the eye right back and she cupped it perspirianly. "Eat it!" he barked. Eyeing the eye, she allowed a rivulet of spittle to fall languid from her lip. "Why?" he asked again, this time repeatedly. "Why, why do you mock me?" Have I not been the idiom to which I am suited? Have I not swerved faithlessly?" A pall fell over them and then it fell over them again. "Again, why?", he asked again. "Again." she repeated with a touch of riparian ennui. "Give me the eye, now!" "Now?" "Now!" "When?" "What?" "Huh?"... On and on it went. What does ia all have to do with beer? Huh!? Who?

Thanks for your trust, and as always:
Think Globally, Drink Locally!! 


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