bowen island ipa

bowen island has come out with a new brew, the artisan ipa
i got me some, in a 12 pack of cans
4 lager, 2 extra pale ale, 2 artisan ipa, 2 irish cream ale, 2 honey brown
and a trucker hat!!

i love me a trucker hat!

i love that the 12 pack features five different beers - great to have on hand in the beer fridge for when people stop by (not everyone loves an ipa you know!)
if i were to choose the break down of the 12 pack though, i'd weight it more toward my preferred beers, the ipa and the extra pale ale
oh, if only i were in charge!

as for the ipa... its not bad
not a typical west coast ipa though, and those seem to be my total favourites
still, quite a drinkable little number

bowen island is currently re-working their website, so there's nothing on there yet about the ipa.


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