r&b hoppelganger

oh the r & b hoppelganger
what a lovely local ipa
and a great way to get my hop fix

i was reminded of my love for this brew at wild rice the other night
i was there for a wedding reception
and the host bar offered keiths or sleemans honey
so that's what i drank until they ran out
once i was on my own, i very happily switched to the ipa
nothing makes me happier than an ipa
especially an aggressively hopped ipa
my night ended well!

so well in fact that i decided to have another hoppelganger the other afternoon
sitting outside on the deck in the october sunshine in a tank top sipping hoppelganger with a good friend
what a great way to spend a couple of hours!

from the bottle: "rick and barry (r&b) invite you to try our hoppelganger india pale ale.  we created our ipa for beer lovers who appreciate an assertively hopped brew.  well-balanced with a skillful combination of five hop varieties and premium english malt, hoppelganger has the generous flavour and clean finish you have come to expect from our local vancouver microbrewery.  at more than 45 ibus, this beer has a mild, hoppy aroma followed with aggressive hop bitterness... and is not for the faint of tongue.  enjoy this superior mystical brew at 10 - 12 degrees c."  6%

from the website:  "R&B’s Hoppelganger IPA is a Northwest style India Pale Ale, created for the true beer connoisseur. An assertive blend of Crystal, Columbus, Chinook, Mt. Hood, and Cascade Hops, is added to premium English, French-Belgian, and Canadian malts to create a fresh floral aroma and generous malt flavour, so emblematic of true Northwest-style I.P.A.s. Hoppelganger’s clean and slightly sweet finish is followed by an aggressive hop bitterness. At 45 IBU’s, this beer is definitely…NOT FOR THE FAINT OF TONGUE!!!"


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