i am currently between contracts
(i.e. unemployed)
and while it affords me lots of time for beer tasting
it doesn't afford me feeling confident in my bank account's ability to pay for those beers!

its lovely weather in vancouver this week
which is really nice to be able to enjoy
in fact there's a softball game going on in the park across the street right now
who are these other people who aren't working right now?
and can i do whatever it is they do for a living?

i normally work a 9-5y monday to friday sorta gig
so this time off during a weekday is pretty fun
and i'm struck by how many other people there are out there not in an office right now
being an office drone makes me believe that everyone else in the world is also an office drone
and i'm delighted to be enlightened to the fact that they are not
there are other things to do in this world for money

okay, so what you may be asking yourself is this post doing on a beer blog?
well i'm getting to that
you see, i don't love what i do for money
and i'm hoping i can change things up a bit
but... i have to figure out a way to turn my passion into a money-making job
the passion is of course beer
now, where is my new career in beer?!


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