pintley got a pretty good review in beeradvocate #44, so i thought i'd check the website out
("Bottom line:  Pintley is a fun and informative website that promises to offer fresh insight, and it will surely grow along with its community.  There is even a Pintley iPhone application in the works.  But be warned - while Pintley seems magical in its ability to determine what beers you will enjoy, it's also very good at eating up many hours of your time!"  Lisa Morrison - Beer Advocate #44)

i gotta say, its a fabulous idea, but i'm less than impressed with the site.
the blog hasn't been updated since june 25th
there are very few local breweries represented on the site
and even though i rated every belgian beer in the initial list as "hated it", they still included several belgians in my list of 145 beers they were convinced i would love
perhaps i just need to rate more beers and it will start to get the actual picture of my likes
i will try it again
i guess i was just expecting something magical
and its not there yet


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