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wish i was gonna be in edinburgh on november 4th
and not just because i'd love to be off work and travelling
(yes, i know, i only just got me a new contract, but still, who doesn't love being on vacation???)
but because i want this meal!!
(and not just because every other line says "tasting of 3 brewdog beers", although that certainly doesn't hurt my wanting to eat this meal!!)

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The Menu and Beers
Arrival glass of Brewdog 77 Lager
Tasting of 3 Brewdog beers followed by
Pumpkin and Orange Soup w/ caraway breadstick and Brewdog 5am Saint
Mussel and Saffron Chowder w/ crostini and Brewdog Trashy Blond
Tasting of 3 more Brewdog Beers followed by
Zinfandel braised Lamb Shank w/ sweet potato mash and root vegetable and Brewdog Dogma
Tornedos of Fresh Salmon w/ crab & cilantro crumble and green lentils and Brewdog Hardcore IPA
Woodland Mushroom and Potato Gratin w/ lemon paprika braised rice and Brewdog Zeitgeist
Tasting of 3 more Brewdog Beers followed by
Chocolate Truffle Torte w/ chocolate paper and Brewdog Paradox
followed by
Artisan Cheeses and Brewdog Tokyo


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