rogue juniper pale ale

rogue juniper pale ale
what a great bottle
and a great looking beer!

from the bottle:  "a pale ale, saffron in color with a smooth malt balance, a floral aroma with a dry spice finish from whole juniper berries"

food pairing:  turkey
13 degrees plato
34 ibus
77 aa
3.2 degrees lovibond
100% pure rogue

yes on the malt balance
yes on the floral aroma
yes on the dry spice finish
quite refreshing
enormous head on the vigourous pour, which lasted several minutes (the head, not the pour)

from the website:  "HISTORY
The Turkey was named the official bird of the Rogue Nation in August 2007. To commemorate the momentous occasion, Rogue Juniper Pale Ale was dedicated to “the turkey in each of us.” An axe and the dedication have been added to the serigraphed 22oz bottle and Juniper Pale Ale tap stickers.

The Pilgrims were ale drinkers and most likely enjoyed beer at the first Thanksgiving. Juniper Pale Ale, like all Rogue products preserves water by using more ingredients, contains no chemicals, additives or preservatives and uses Free Range Coastal Water."

i don't actually know what juniper berries taste like, but i'm told they're piney and bitter
so i think i was expecting this beer to be more piney and bitter
or to smell like gin!
but it doesn't and it isn't
yes there's floral notes in there
but they're not bitter or overwhelming
they're simply delicious!
i heart rogue
and i heart this beer
i gotta get me another couple of bottles while its in season!


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