tasting notes

yet more tasting notes from the last beernesday at st. augustine's...

this time its all the bottles that we tried!
and between three of us, we tried quite a few:

elysian brewing co. avatar jasmine ipa:  6.3%  has a very floral nose while the taste is an elegant balance allowing the subtle flavor of jasmine to prevail through essential hoppiness.
southern tier unearthly imperial ipa:  10%  vigorously hopped high abv beer that is still eminently drinkable.
kiuchi brewery hitachino nest real ginger ale:  7%  a dose of fresh ginger root added to the brew kettle creates an intriguing mix of ginger, malt-sweetness, and citrus-like aromas.
flying dog classic pale ale:  5.5%  brilliant amber in color and dry hopped for an unrivaled hop flavor.

jasmine ipa:  good head, clear, floral, light hops, pale, malty yet still crispy and hoppy.  big floral nose.  delicious at first, almost too sweet as i get further down the glass.  perhaps not a session beer for me.

unearthly imperial ipa:  i am a big fan of this beer!  i find it really delightful and delicious and that 10% sneaks up on me every time!  everyone else was a fan of it as well.  i will continue to drink this beer wherever and whenever it is on the menu (and at home too of course)!!

ginger ale:  i love it!  reminds me of all that i found delightful in the steamworks ginger with none of what i found too cloying in the granville island attempt.  its crisp and clean and so very drinkable.  bridget says "i like it i REALLY like it" (and insisted that i put the emphasis in)!

classic pale ale:  another fabulous beer!  hoppy goodness that tickled everyone's fancy.  i would definitely have this beer again (and if i'm not mistaken, they sell six packs of it at firefly and i will be there tomorrow night... survey says i shall have six more soon!), well balanced, delicious and a great way to end my night!


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