firefly tasting

i was sad to think that i'd be missing the ipa tasting at firefly this evening
of all the tastings, this would probably have been my favourite
and i have a hankering to learn all the different flavours all the different hops varieties offer
but alas, i have a conflict
i will be watching very tall men be very athletic this evening
yes, the suns and the raptors will be celebrating beernesday with me today!
but then, i checked the firefly website again, and the date has been moved to october 26th
joy abounds!!!
i can go, i can go!
north west ipas for me!

IPA Evolution - October 26, 2010 

In this edition of ‘La Table Commune’ we will taste IPA’s form some the most progressive microbrewers of Canada and the USA. While we will discuss the history of the style and taste some traditional versions, we will focus on the North American brewers who are pushing the boundaries and examine the influence that they are now having on the old world breweries.


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