i missed beernesday last week, as i was at the nba game
i drank overpriced rickard's red at the stadium (what the heck do we call it now that it's not the garage any more?)
and warmed up at pivo with a pitcher of the delicious driftwood ale, which is till on tap there for a mere $3.50 a pint and $13.50 a pitcher
the game was a stinker, but drinking with my friends is always a great time!!
finished the night back at pivo, this time with a phillips hop circle
(i had a choice of tree's hophead, acme's ipa and the hop circle - i just had to go with the hop circle - its hoptastic!)

just cuz i missed the night at st. augustine's doesn't mean i don't have tasting notes though
amanda made me some from the samplers she and bridget had
thanks friends!

central city red racer pumpkin ale:  they were not fans, found it had a soapy aftertaste and was too lightly spiced
red truck limited steam beer:  crisp and citrusy, no distinct ale taste to the hybrid, more lagery they found, but they liked it!
st. augustine's pilsner:  zesty and citrusy, a good mellow beer
mill street brewery original organic lager:  they hated it, thought it tasted like water with yellow food colouring (wow, way to sock it to the beer... maybe i need to try this one this week just to weigh in on the issue!)
driftwood brewery ale:  a crowd pleaser and our favourite from pivo, lightly hopped, amanda finds it a really great transition beer from her hefeweisen loving ways into the world of hoppy goodness - her palate is definitely changing!
longwood brew pub russian imperial stout:  dark as the night, molasses taste, bridget says its very malty, amanda finds the roasted barley tastes like burnt espresso beans or a dry soy nut flavour, but likes the initial chocolate notes

i hope to remember to bring along their notes tonight and perhaps try some of the beers they tasted last week and see what i think of them
unless of course i find too many more exciting beers to try...
you never know what's gonna be on tap at st. auggies!


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